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A Monthly blog about all things wedding, bridal and general day to day living of a little bridal consultant. Hopefully teaching some how nice it is to be who you are!

This is where my dry sense of humour can be free! Without having my business head on (as such!).. and
& yes.. my language can sometimes be a little more G&T than PG. 

Hi <3 

The name I was given is Lucy and I bloody love it. Its one of those names, I find, that folk reeeeeeally like to play with! I get called Lou, Luce, Louby, CeCe & my FAVE *rolls eyes* phrase is 'MORNING JUICY LUCY' (& I always think, is that in reference to my size, my over filled lips orrrr?) - Joking of course, actually I'm not as my lips, hips and squishy bits take about 3 seconds to fully stop after laughing and sneezing! haha.

My First go at this...

So, with this being my first time 'blogging' I thought I'd explain why I'm doing this to myself. 

I view myself as a very modern bridal/body shape specialist. I don't approach body confidence in the modern 'we're all beautiful 'approach - even though we absolutely are, but with a 'accept yourself first before you can expect anyone else to, hun' kind of vibe. 

B e c a u s e, even though I am super sorry to say it, I often see insecurities placed on women by themselves and NOT by anyone else - you think you should look a certain way because of 'society' or whoever else says it? Who is society? You're part of society, aren't you? HELLOOOOOOOOOOO.  Be accountable, embrace who you are (or who you've become) and set a good example to others who are a part of society, because if it is society, you're in a position to help others! because (unless you're invisible, you too, are society). 

Now, I do think there are elements whereby society does have a moulding effect as to how we should view ourselves, but sometimes it maybe isn't as bad as you think? (It being modern day body image pressures) - I personally don't carry around an emoji dog nose & ears to put over my face when I'm talking to someone?

In my job  & in my shop, I don't harp on about how beautiful my gals are, I simply enable them to view s**t differently  & as long as I do my job right, it doesn't take that much effort! Which is why I question if it is society or if we simply place too much pressure on ourselves. 

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