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Dresses fit for

As an industry leader in body shape specialism, here at Rosea ALL of our dresses are purchased based on (how pretty they are!) which body shape/size would best suit the particular style. Secondly and just as importantly, we play the balance game and weigh up retail costs and if I wouldn't pay it as a consumer, it ain't coming in! (The ex skint uni student remains in my soul).

There isn't a game of 20 questions when you book an appointment with us, regardless of dress size, budget and timescale** we can always accommodate!

Even if we pop you on the right track to finding your desired silhouette, we did a good thanggg! (WE'RE BODY SHAPE SPECIALISTS).

We DO NOT accept apologies for baby bellies, saggy boobs, cellulite and/or hairy legs. We don't care. Embrace everything, you only get one bod & contrary to common belief, they don't just make wedding dresses for one body type, we promise!

**Some gowns have longer order times than others so please bare in mind how long you have prior to your wedding date!

Rosea bridal

Weather you imagine a ballgown, fishtail, grecian, plain, glitzy blah blah blah just try them on, we have each style in each size! Believe it or not, the dresses DO come off if you choose you don't like it, if you're up to it, try it and box the style off - you never know, you might JUST surprise yourself.

Don't just show up, TURN up.


''Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak..''

Shop our alternative range and stand away from the norm!